Return Policy

Justified claim:

Justified claim : A claim will be considered justified when:

  • The material did not perform as well as the sample submitted.
  • A QC reason such as bad winding, blocking, sealing etc.
  • Shipment: damaged in shipment, arrived late, shipped to the wrong place.
  • Mistakes in order entry, billing, wrong items, wrong prices and or errors in freight charges.

The Process:

  • All claims must be filed in writing within 60 days from the date of the invoice, specifying in detail the nature and extent of the problem.
  • Upon receipt of a timely submitted claim, HSA shall send a representative to examine and inspect the problem submitted at the end user level.
  • The inspection will be made, within a reasonable time, usually within 14 days, unless circumstances mandate otherwise.
  • When possible, the inspection will be performed in the presence of the distributor’s sales representative.
  • If the claim is well founded, HSA will approve a return of the goods or will replace the rolls depending on the arrangement made with the end user/distributor.
  • Once approved all claims should be emailed to
  • HSA will then issue a Return Material Authorization number (RMA), freight arrangements if needed and issue credits.
  • If the cause for the claim is HSA. HSA will arrange for prepaid freight in case of return.
  • If it is a customer error, HSA will assess up to 25% restocking fee on all returned orders. The cost of shipping and freight for returned goods shall be borne by the customer and the goods shall be returned to the warehouse or other destination designated by HSA.
  • All returns must be completed within 30 days from the date of the Return Material Authorization (RMA)
  • All returns must include HSA RMA number/reference.


  • HSA will not consider or make adjustments for untimely-submitted claims.
  • In general, HSA will not accept partially used rolls, rolls without HSA labels or rolls without
  • Original boxes. However, sometimes the problem is not evident until the roll is partially used and sometimes good judgment will need to be used if the label has been torn or the carton is gone.
  • Replacement or credit for the goods shall be the sole and exclusive remedy arising out of a claim.
  • In no event shall HSA be liable for any lost revenue, lost profits, replacement goods, loss of rights, services, incidental, punitive, indirect or consequential damages arising from a claim, whether under theory of contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise.
  • In the event of a dispute over a claim, the forum for resolution of the dispute shall be a court of competent jurisdiction located in Los Angeles County, California