Flow-wrappers Equipment

Flow-wrappers Equipment


A flow wrapper is a machine that can wrap many different types of products in a hermetically sealed package with a fin seal along the bottom of the package and with both ends crimped sealed. A well known example of this wrapping style would be a Snicker’s bar. This type of machine is found in almost every industry. Items wrapped in this style include candy bars, gum, tablets, hard candy, paper, postal mailings, pharmaceutical and chemical products and many more. These machines are horizontal flow wrappers as they will wrap items that can be loaded onto a horizontal moving conveyor. This is the opposite of a vertical form, fill and seal machine which makes the same style wrap but wraps loose items such as popcorn and potato chips. Manufactures of flow wrappers include Bosch, Doboy, Fuji Foremost, Ilipak, Ameripak, PFM, FMC, Tevopharm, Klockner, Cavana, Sig and others.

Benefits of using a Flow Wrapper

  • Flow Wrappers remove all the manual labor involved with packaging items into a hermetically sealed pouch.
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HSA Packeging