First advanced PET/PE Pouch for HSA packaging. Packaging manufacturers can now operate on a very wide temperature range and achive reliable seal to bottom HSA webs by ensuring fiber-free aseptic presentation at any time. PET/PE sterilizable Pouches offers a clean and uniform peel giving users peace of mind in the packages sterility, can withstand sterilization processes and its solvent-free production is more environmental friendly.The special Pouches offers new and cost-effective high quality sterilization packages.

Product Description

  1. Sealable and peelable with uncoated Tyvek
  2. Excellent peelability Tear free
  3. Wide sealing temperature range (105°C 125°C)
  4. Suitable for packaging high quality medical devices requiring high performance and protection
  5. Outstanding clarity
  6. Low thermal sealing temperature
Brand Name

HSA Packeging