Skin Pack Equipment

Skin Pack Equipment


  • Vacuum Formers
  • For Skin Packaging, Blister and Vacuum Forming
  • Solid State Control
  • Variable Vacuum Control on TP Models
  • Electromagnetic Film Frame Locks
  • Low Cost Tubular Heating elements
  • Pneumatic Operation
  • Rugged Welded Steel Construction
  • 1 – Year Warranty

The PC series machines are used for such diverse applications as:

  •  Skin packaging for point of sale,
  • Skin packaging for protection during shipping,
  • Blister forming and vacuum forming trays,
  • R/C car bodies and various items using up to .125″ plastics.
  • Applications are limited only by your imagination.
  • Equipped with our patented radiant panel heater and programmable logic controls, they are the fastest cycling and most energy and labor efficient machines of this type.
  • 92% – The amount you can save on your electric bill compared to competitive machines.
  • 63% – The amount you can save on labor compared to competitive machines.
  • $10,800 – The amount you can save on a production run of 100,000 parts compared to competitive machines, and in just 3 months!
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